Palazzi Rufini is a small village town lying within the Municipality of Corciano – 12 km. from Perugia. In 1200 it was only an observation tower standing on the border of the dukedom of Della Cornia – an important Umbrian ducal family of whom were born many prelates and leaders.

During the centuries that followed, the solitary tower underwent various re-adaptations and was turned from a solitary tower into a palace, then border-lodgings, hunting lodge, horse-changing station and resident lodgings for wayfarers on their way to the town of Perugia or travelling across Italy from one sea-shore to the other.

It was bought by the Rufini family around 1880 and was then at the fulcrum of the flourishing agricultural estates or haciendas, dedicated to the cultivation of the mulberry tree for the silk-worm.

When the fortunes to be had from the production of native silk diminished, the palace and tower were transformed into country villas for the summer, while the agricultural activity of estate turned itself to the cultivation of the wine-grape, olives and the traditional sown crops.

Following a very thorough renovation, is a wonderful country residence for any who would make their base near Perugia, visit Umbria or even simply take a rest. The estate and its agriculture is run by the Rufini family and the agriculture is rigorously bio-dynamic and at present concentrates prevalently on the cultivation of olives, fruit, vegetables and sown crops.